Upstate NY Intimate Wedding

I used to be a wedding photographer before moving to New York. The events were utterly beautiful but equally daunting. High society events of 500+ guests at the top venues of Caracas, Venezuela. It was hard work, eight to twelve hours of non-stop standing up, in a high-pressure environment.

It sounds like the goal for some photographers, but to me, it was a breaking point in my life and career. I was exhausted and jaded. The bridezillas, drunk uncles, the anxiety over missing a moment, the massive amount of gear to carry, coming back home at 5 am, it all became too much. My love for capturing weddings faded.

For a long time, I declined to photograph weddings out of pure PTSD. But a few years ago a school friend contacted me, she was traveling to New York from Dubai to get married. Her setting was intimate, just her mom, sister, and her husband’s immediate family at the Library Hotel. I agreed and from that very intimate experience, my love for weddings resurfaced.

I realized how much I missed capturing these moments for a family and since then, I’ve been photographing intimate weddings.

Being able to tell a love story through images is my superpower.

Marsha and Tolu worked with me years before their wedding, I photographed their daughter on her first birthday. They were a sweet family and we loved the photos we created. When they reach out to ask if I could document their wedding I was so excited. It was the cherry on top of their family history.

The wedding took place in their home backyard in Upstate, New York. Surrounded by family and close friends. It was emotional and beautiful, and I’m happy I was there to capture it all.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2022 BU Photography by Paula Ortiz.

If you are planning to Elope or having a very intimate wedding, please reach out.

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