Sulin – NYC Checker Cab

Meet Sulin 🚕 For decades he drove a Checkers taxi across New York. His stories as a cab driver were incredible. Famous passengers, iconic landmarks, rush hour disaster stories, best spots for finding parking in the city… This man knows it all.
For his 70th Birthday, his daughter Elizabeth decided to surprise him. She invited me and @filmcarsny to take Sulin back to those days and those spots while riding on an actual Checkers cab.
Film Cars are the most famous rental in town by the way. Their cars have been part of pretty much every movie, publication and tv show we love. This particular car was in Home Alone 2, When Sally Met Harry and the Tonight Show (Lady Gaga, Spike Lee and Jimmy Fallon all sat on this car!) When Sulin saw the car his face light up. He couldn’t believe it. So much happiness! We went on a ride with his lovely wife across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. People waved and smiled at us as we passed by.
I will never forget this experience! 💕 Thanks Elizabeth for choosing my service. Thanks Sulin for all the memories you shared with us.

Special thanks to @filmcarsny for assisting me with the photos, for the great conversation stories and the outstanding service

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