Brooklyn Baby Shower

Makini and Jason are a spectacular couple. I had the joy of documenting a great part of their pregnancy journey.

I remember the baby announcement excitement, they were so happy and counting minutes to let everyone know they were expecting.

Then, the gender reveal party. Makini’s face light up when she saw those pink ribbons flying around. It was funny because most of the poppers weren’t working quite as expected, so it added extra mystery and anxiety to the moment. Until boom, they started to pop and the whole room filled with pink ribbon. I admit tearing up a bit, everyone was so happy and truly surprised, the energy was contagious and you couldn’t help to be caught up in the moment.

When I was asked to photograph their baby shower it felt amazing. I was grateful to be part of it. It wasn’t so easy though, we had to reschedule, some dates were not available, but Makini made sure to include me and we made it work.

As I stepped in the Regal Suite I was in awe. I’m always blown away by Makini Regal Designs and Elle Audrey New York, but this time it felt like a dream. Everything was perfect! Just close friends and family and the right amount of royalty (as expected).

This Baby Shower was a dream. Congratulations Mamá and Papá for your little Bebé Swan. Sending you lots of love, can’t wait to meet Zuri! Happy to be part of your journey.

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