For the Love of Tea!

For the Love of Tea! Let’s bloom together by scheduling pretty floral tea breaks with those we love or solo. Now that most of us are spending so much time at home this can be a great habit to put into practice for self-care. Spring is time of blooming and that includes you. Sharing our favorite tea right now is a Rose, Chamomile & Lavender Latte, which is delightfully calming.

Here are some steps 

  1. You can create a tea bar station for a daily routine
  2. Use Chamomile & Lavender Tea (in cup)
  3. Pour warm milk
  4. Then add loose chamomile & lavender to garnish
  5. Voilà take this time to be present & enjoy your zen time!

Beautiful collab with the talented BONITO

Concept & design @bufotos & @bonitodesign

Styling @bonitodesign

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