Meet Pau


Hi, my name is Paula. I am a Family Photographer serving New York City and The Hudson Valley.

Most of my sessions take place in iconic city locations, or in the comfort of your own home.

I would describe my visual identity as emotive, organic, and bright. I love film and strive for a vintage timeless aesthetic.

I want to be there to capture your story so it can be remembered and cherished for many generations to come. Turning your story into imagery and heirloom art is my privilege.

I’m proud to be able to do what I love. I pour my heart and soul into BU. I want my clients to feel happy and relaxed throughout the experience and to have beautiful memories.

One thing you should really know about me, is that being a photographer is the only job I’ve ever had. I’ve been a photographer for over 15 years, it’s my passion. When you hire me, you get someone who cares about you. I always want to meet and exceed your expectations and I get genuinely excited when I see your reaction to our photos.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Paula Ortiz

BU! (Spanish for Boo!) is a playful word that people react to with a smile.

1 I’m from Caracas, Venezuela.

2 I love nature and being outdoors.

3 Plant lover a.k.a. crazy plant lady. Yeah, that’s me!

4 I often visit Museums, botanical gardens and movie theaters for inspiration.

5 Representation and diversity are really important to me. I take pride in having a multicultural clientele. Everyone is welcome!

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