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My name is Paula, and for the last 15 years, I’ve had the honor & privilege of photographing families during their life’s greatest and everyday moments in New York.

I absolutely love photography and I’m extremely good at what I do. I understood early on, that beyond a clear understanding of how a camera works mechanically and masterful use of composition, the one thing that truly matters is being able to capture the right moment.

Because when we look at our family photos, we are instantly drawn to the images that make us feel, the photos that make us smile and cry and remember that exact moment or that person that perhaps is no longer with us. We hold on to those magic moments trapped in time forever.

So that’s is what I do best, I’m utterly good at trapping those moments and turning them into heirloom imagery so they can be remembered and cherished for many generations to come. All while making you feel comfortable and relaxed while in front of my camera.

I’m proud to be able to do what I love. It’s an investment to work with me, but if you really value great photography and working with someone who is not only the best at their craft but will make your photo session a really great experience, then I’m worth every penny.

Looking forward to meeting you! También hablo español.

Paula Ortiz

BU (Spanish for Boo!) is a playful word that kids react to with a smile.

1 I’m from Caracas, Venezuela. I have a Bachelor’s in Sociology with a concentration in Photography and visual post-modernity. But photography was always my passion so after graduating I devoted myself to being a photographer.

2 I love nature and being outdoors. It brings me peace and balance.

3 Plant lover a.k.a. crazy plant lady. My apartment is filled with plants.

4 I often visit Museums, botanical gardens, and movie theaters for inspiration.

5 Representation and diversity are really important to me. I take pride in having a multicultural clientele. Everyone is welcome!

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