Family & Children Session Guide

Your session is just around the corner! Here is everything you’ll need to know to make sure it is a smashing success. 

Tips and Tricks

Try to keep your baby or child awake, fed and active for at least 20 minutes before the session. Arrive on time and plan ahead for traffic and parking.

Dress the baby in a simple onesie and cozy blanket or just a diaper and blanket.

Children should be dressed comfortably, a monochrome dress or neutral outfit does the trick. 

Sessions will include photos of the family, siblings (fur siblings too!), each parent with the baby or child, and portraits of the baby or child on their own. I usually work in the main living room, master bedroom, and nursery or wherever natural light is best if we are shooting at home. 

For outdoor locations: Bring water, comfy shoes, your kid’s favorite snacks and a small reward. Wooden toys, books and small stuffed animals are a must.

The key for selecting the right prop is simple: minimal objects in neutral hues, books with vintage or whimsical illustrations and handmade toys.

What to wear

We want the baby or child to be the star of the show so I recommend wearing neutral or light colored clothing with no large logos or patterns.
For moms, try to find something that you will be comfortable in and have a backup option that you love as well. Textures like lace and knit photograph great. A flowy dress, jeans and a t-shirt, whatever you feel most comfortable in, go for it! Remember to bring your make up bag so you can retouch if necessary, a small comb and plenty of wet wipes.

For dads, I recommend a solid colored t-shirt or henley. Often times jeans and pants will wear out in an obvious pattern around phones and wallets so it is a good idea to buy a new pair of pants for the occasion. 

The key for a successful session is being comfortable. Clothes should fit properly. Have a quick wardrobe check before the session. Manicure hands for close up photos. Wear light make up. Style your hair. Bring an extra clothing change for your child (accidents happen).

If you are unsure of what to wear, email me a few photos of your outfits and I am happy to help narrow choices.

Click here for some style inspo

During the session, remember to relax and have fun! These are very low stress, laid-back photos, and I will guide you through simple poses and prompts the entire time. If your baby or child gets fussy (99% of children do!) there will also be time for feeding and soothing. 

Great photos are the result of honest moments. You are encourage to play and interact with your loved ones, a kiss, a hug, hold hands, tickle, be present and engaged.

After the session

Within 7-14 days, you will receive your full digital gallery. Be sure to download these photos and have a backup if possible.

 See you soon!

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